Gigabyte UEFI BIOS + StarTech Firewire PCIe card - Sleep / Wake / Shutdown / Restart Issues thread

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Jun 17, 2012
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Hello all -

This thread is focusing specifically on the following issue:

On my Gigabyte Z68 motherboard running the latest UEFI BIOS (U1H), I have a perfectly stable, functional system under Mountain Lion...until I add in my StarTech Firewire 800 PCIe card (PEX1394B3) as recommended here.

With the card, my system will sleep, but immediately wake again. Additionally, when I try to shut down the computer, it restarts the machine instead.

As my machine is a Windows 7 dual-boot rig, I tested the card in Windows as well - identical symptoms.

Remove the card, and the problems go away.

I've combed through the UEFI settings - especially under Power Management - looking for a solution but have come up empty-handed.

Apparently this card is working wonderfully on other builds.

Please post here if:

a) You are having similar symptoms with this, or other, PCIe drop-in cards on Gigabyte boards running the beta UEFI BIOS.

b) You are *not* having these symptoms with the StarTech or other drop-in Firewire cards on Gigabyte boards running the UEFI BIOS.

c) You have tried to troubleshoot the problem (please explain what you've tried, and the results.)

I'm sort of thinking that this is simply an issue with the MB / UEFI <-- beta, and all that -- but I'm wanting to consolidate all the trouble reports in one place.

Among the things I've tried:

Actually hooking up the 4-pin floppy power connector on the card to my power supply --> no change, for better or worse
Resetting CMOS manually and reconfiguring BIOS --> no change
Swapping this card and my wireless card (also PCIe) slots --> no change
Removing wireless card --> no change

Thanks for contributing!
I don't have any solutions yet, but I can tell you I am having the same experience with that card on a GA Z77X-UD5H motherboard. The StarTech card was my last part to arrive and I had no problems shutting down until I installed it.
I have the same card and issues. Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 Sandy Bridge NOT running UEFI BIOS beta (DSDT v9). Lion 10.7.4. Computer restarts instead of power down since installing the StarTech card. Otherwise it works great.
I can confirm that I am having the exact issue - startech firewire 800 PCIe card causes no shutdown or sleep, continual loop....

tried on UEFI bios z77

and standard bios z68 motherboard

it always worked in Snow Leopard?

I would say that it's a Mountain Lion issue, but it's doing the exact same thing in Windows 7 on my dual boot machine. Any chance of this being related to Chimera in some way?
I've informed a contact at Gigabyte, we'll see if they might have some suggestions/solutions to the problem, but it'll take a little while for them to get back to us.

I've got time, and I appreciate your help. Thank you!
I have experienced the same problem few weeks back when I tested ML on GBT board, but I forgot which model it was. After I disabled Wake on LAN, sleep and shutdown worked correctly again. After tested a few times to confirm both sleep and shutdown worked properly, I re-enabled Wake on LAN and found out both sleep and shutdown still worked. Not sure if this trick works for you.
Edit: thelostswede is quicker than I. ;)
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