Gigabyte H77M-D3H Sparkle GTS 450 1GB Mountain Lion WORKING!!!

Apr 20, 2012
Mountain Lion
i7 3770K
GTX 760 2GB
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
I have just finished installing on this machine and found it to be stable so far.

WARNING: Install with onboard graphics first as I just got a black screen after the apple splash screen!!! I didnt install the graphics card till after the initial installation.

Set SATA mode to AHCI in BIOS

Put USB drive in machine and boot from it by pressing F12 and selecting your Unibeast drive highlight UniBeast and hit "Enter"

Once booted select disk to install on and follow instructions on screen. Once finished system will reboot, select F12 then USB drive as stated above but this time select the Hard Drive and type "-v -x" without quotes and press "Enter" This boots the system in safe mode and provides text of loading processes and error messages for fault finding.

Once booted got to the USB drive and open "Multibeast" Select ONLY "User DSDT or DSDT-Free Installation" and "Atheros - Shailua's ALXEthernet v1.0.2" then hit "Continue" After this is done REBOOT

Set BIOS settings:
Enable PEG first and set internal graphics to "Auto"
Check SATA is still set to AHCI
Save and reset.

This time press no keys and enter no boot arguments and the system should boot up fine. Open MacIASL and go to Preferences, select ACPI 5.0 and close the program completely. Open it again and it should say System DSDT at the top. Go to preferences and Sources and add the two MacIASL repo's listed below.

MacIASL Repos Used

Close preferences and select "Patch" select the H77M-D3H patch wait for text to appear in top and bottom box then hit "Apply" again wait for text to disappear from bottom box and hit "Close"


So compile and then close the text box, there should be no warnings or errors listed. Select "Patch" again and select "Descrete Graphics ……." follow the same procedure as above then compile.

You can now save the DSDT as an "ACPI Machine Language Binary" rename file to "DSDT.aml" and ave to desktop.

Open MultiBeast again and select only "User DSDT or DSDT-Free Installation" then hit continue and reboot.

Once rebooted go to AppleHacksHD/Extra and open the org.chameleon.Boot.plist in text edit check the settings against the file in this folder it should only need the "Legacy Logo" changing to "No" close text edit and the file will be saved automatically. I attached a copy of the plist for you to see.

Copy "AppleHDADisabler.kext" and "VoodooHDA.kext" to the desktop and run "kextbeast" followed by "Kext Utility" then reboot. Once rebooted copy VoodooHDA.prefPane to the desktop and double click to install it.

You will now have a working OSX installation. :headbang: