*GA-B365M-DS3H and Pentium G5400 the cheapest way to build a Hackintosh

Jun 30, 2017
Gigabyte B250-M D2V
HD 630
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My specs:

OS: Mojave
Gigabyte B365M-DS3H
CPU: Pentium G5400 3.7Ghz
Memory: 4Gb Kingstone Hyper X 2400Mhz
DRIVES: WD 120Gb M.2 sata
Seagate Barracuda 2Tb caché 256Mb
Graphics: Asrock Phantom Radeon RX 570 8Gb
Power Supply: 900 Watts

Goodmorning everybody!!!

Just to comment this is my 2nd hackintosh desktop build and my 4th hackintosh. (all success)
First of all, I´ve got to comment that if you chose a Pentium Gold remember that is mandatory
to use a dedicated graphics card, because Intel UHD610 is not supported by macOS.
About why I´ve choosen Mojave as a Os it is very simple: Catalina has got a lot of incompativilities
with software, which haven´t been solved yet.
About mobo, just to say that it is not the most expensive nor the cheapest one. You can buy it by 75€ on Amazon.
When you try to install Mojave, just take in consideration that this CPU is not "officially supported" by
macOS, so you must use a fakecpuid. I´ve used ID=0x0306EA.
About BIOS, I´ve just disabled VT-D extensions, rest of BIOS options, I´ve kept as out of the box.
After having completed installation, there is two issues only:

- Ethernet. Just download RTL8111 kext and use some kext installer (do not place kext into kext folder in EFI because
it hasn´t worked for me)
- Audio: There is audio through HDMI but not through audio jacks (although according audio preferences audio is present) , so if you want to have sound through HDA delete alc kext and use VoodooHDA. It works great with Gigabyte mobos.

If someone has got some problem with installation, send a comment. I´ll upload my EFI folder.
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