G5 Flush Rear 3.5mm Jacks

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May 16, 2015
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Hi everyone,

For my PowerMac G5 build, I'm trying to source 3.5mm headphone panel mount sockets that I can glue inside and not make any different visually to the outside. That rules out ones like this:

I don't mind a bit of soldering, but I have no clue what the connectors that allow for the headphone to pass through the case and make a connection are called?

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!
I'm quite surprised that the G5 case didn't come with a jack. Do you have any old computers that you can rip the Case Interface Header out of? Then you can just cut space in your G5 case for it. Even Pentium 4 computers should have one. Take a look. If not, try to find the cheapest case available (We want it for its Case Interface Header, not the case itself) and just rip the Header out of that. I myself have no idea what you would Google to find a 3.5mm jack!

Hope I could help,

- Matt
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I was talking about the part of the case that you plug USB devices into. The motherboard should't be effected buy the CIH. That is on any old case that you can rip out of an old computer or something. If not then buy a really cheap case and take it out of there. Usually it comes with a 3.5mm Jack. Then you could cut a hole in the G5 case to make the Header fit.

Hope I could help,

- Matt
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