Fun with your Hackintosh: Stable Diffusion and AI Generated Images

Installing mini conda got me through the errors. I said no to the model install and entered the token, it completes the installation, but I can not launch the web-UI.


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I got it running. If you have a VPN, turn it off, it does not like a VPN. LOL
You don't have pip installed according to the error messages.

Follow directions here to install pip (Python package manager)

The errors read: "pip command not found"
I have generated for long time and selected from hundreds of images to retouch further.

SD pussy juice censored.jpg

Slightly retouched and upscaled.

SD white one-piece swimsuit censored.jpg

Retouched more and upscaled.

The tool has been unstable recently and even crashed my macOS several times.
now I understand why you won’t post a picture of your desk!. I gave up on trying to get this to work on my hack.
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You don't have plans to invade Wakanda. Do you ?

Newer commits since October 31 made the web UI unable to run on macOS. Use git checkout 9b384df as a workaround.

Update: It seems pip install -r requirements.txt can solve the issue now.
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My installation process: line 23: conda: command not found

I figured this was because Miniconda hadn't been installed, so I went ahead and tried to do that. What I got in return was this: Your machine hardware does not appear to be arm64 (Apple M1), but you are trying to install an arm64 version of Miniconda3. Are sure you want to continue the installation? [yes|no]

Upon inspecting, I discovered that it was directing to a particular repository:

From this repository, I was able to find the correct package and write it into the file (essentially changing where it says "arm64" to say "x86_64" instead).

Once I got that dealt with, I encountered this issue: bash: line 1: ~/ Permission denied

Making the file executable seemed to do the trick. It then wanted to install 17 new packages, which I accepted. After so much progress, though, I encountered the following error:
File "~/stable-diffusion-webui/repositories/k-diffusion/k_diffusion/", line 6, in <module> from skimage import transform ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'skimage'

Solution: $ pip install scikit-image

Next error:
============================================= ====================ERROR==================== ============================================= The check for the models & required repositories has failed. Please check if the model is in place and the repos are cloned. You can find the model in stable-diffusion-webui/models/Stable-diffusion/sd-v1-4.ckpt You can find the repos in stable-diffusion-webui/repositories/ ============================================= ====================ERROR==================== =============================================

I had already installed the models, but… fine, I'll do it again, because apparently THE ENTIRE WEBUI FOLDER DELETES ITSELF every time the script runs!

Once I got that back, I'm once again greeted with the ModuleNotFoundError for 'skimage'. My solution:
$ sudo -H conda install -n web-ui scikit-image $ sudo -H conda install -n web-ui json-merge-patch

I see now what @Bustycat is saying about pip install -r requirements.txt.
Newer commits since October 31 made the web UI unable to run on macOS. Use git checkout 9b384df as a workaround.

Update: It seems pip install -r requirements.txt can solve the issue now.

Now the only remaining issue is this:
Failed to build opencv-python ERROR: Could not build wheels for opencv-python, which is required to install pyproject.toml-based projects File "", line 98 print(f"Invalid path to TLS certfile: '{cmd_opts.tls_certfile}'") ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax

This is apparently because it defaults to an older version of Python, or it has something to do with being unable to run opencv-python.
$ python3 -m pip install --upgrade opencv-python attempts to install the correct version, but because make is gmake and the $PATH is all messed up, I'm up the creek.

btw I'm here because this is the only place with instructions that don't require the M1 Mac where the result is supposed to work. (Because I refuse to upgrade from Mojave, I'm feeling quite close to the Hackintosh communities.)
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