Fix throttling on Macbook10.1 no Battery

Jan 27, 2020
Hi all
I stumbled upon this amazing site and resource and very happy I did. Wanted to throw a question out there: My battery swelled up on my Macbook -- which also has a broken screen. I am using it as a living room computer and have no intent on replacing the battery. But to my surprise. when I removed the battery, the CPU throttles down to 1.2gz (and never hits the rated 2.x). Apparently this is some "feature" and I have not been able to find a workaround. There are some remedies out there -- dealing with removing the Kext for my system -- but my computer (10.1) is not listed in the files and thus doesnt work for me as a solution. Since this forum is full of people who mess with this all day, I wonder if theres any way to either make the system think the battery is there or to get rid of the throttling? Thanks in advance