First build mini ITX

Apr 27, 2014
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First build mini ITX, need advice on case, cooling, wifi

Hey there,

First time poster/builder looking for some advice regarding some components.

Listing off everything I'm fairly certain with:

Now I list the components I have some doubts about and would appreciated some advice,

first the wireless + bluetooth:

I read this thread [Guide] Airport - PCIe Half Mini v2 and I would guess this is a pretty good bet to get native wifi + bt without wasting a USB slot for a BT adapter, or am I wrong?

Next a webcam:

Would like to now if this would be a good choice as far as for basic web calling, HD video plus working mic

Moving on to the case to hold everything in, have my eye set on any of these three:

would like some input which is best out of those options as far as space and ventilation

And last I would like some advice on cooling the build, what type and how many fans would be ideal for my build. Not really looking into water cooling as those tend to be more expensive. Also do I require to apply this Artic Silver 5 Thermal Compound or what are the benefits if I do apply it?

Any input or advice is very much welcome, thanks so much.