Final Cut Pro X & the graphics card

Jun 19, 2013
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Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me whether or not, can a Final Cut Pro X fully use the potential of a high end graphics card?

I am planning to buy a 4.1 Mac Pro and put AMD 7970 (because of its OpenCL performance) in it, but I don't want to overspend $$$ if the processor (2.66 Quad xeon) is gonna be the bottleneck since it cannot be really swapped out.

Any idea about the ratio of processor:graphics utilization in FCPX? or advice for other graphics card?

Thank you
Jun 15, 2013
hey swap root,

well you could swap the Xeons out, i have a macpro1,1 which i replaced the two duel core 2.66Ghz chips for two quad core 3.0Ghz and i must say it gave the machine a huge boost - especially with big encoding jobs as you would expect.
Final Cut certainly does make good use of the GPU especially FX wise and for encoding to H.264 (via the share) fcpx seems to really make use of the GPU there.

I've been using X a fair bit but also being forced to use Premiere a lot now and just building a hackintosh with a Nvidia card for it - will be interesting to see how X gets on, worst case scenario im going to put in my 5770 from the macpro into the hackpro as well for when i need more OpenCL heavy work that the Nvidia card seems weaker on... will be interesting!