Final Cut Pro Crashing (Graphics card problem?)

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I ended up reinstalling the OS and NOT using any of the NVIDIA drivers (just used the included stock ones in OS X).
Works great now.

Maybe try that?

Problem is, i never installed any other driver. I just set up the system last week, so it´s really fresh. First thing installed was FCP, because that was the main reason for me setting up a hackintosh. It works great, but slow, on my macbook Air but it crashs nearly all the times on my hackintosh.

I recognized that it happened the most time after I entered some overlay text and tried to change that text.
I am having the same problem.... typically on the transitions and titles.... or effects.... This is KILLING me too, I hated Lion, so I hate to go back, but maybe somehow Tony can get a look at this and see if its just a REINATALL of the os... but something tells me it's more than that!

Quadro 4000 MAC
I actually gave up on it because it was driving me so crazy. I ended up switching to Premier Pro and I must say I like it a lot more. Quicker, more user friendly, and doesn't crash every 10 seconds.
Try to create another user in system (System Preferences->Users and groups). It can happen even on real macs and not only with Final Cut Pro. This problem can arise in any other software for editing like Adobe Premiere or Logic Pro or Studio One. Solved for me.
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