Fan placement for best cooling with Enthoo primo case and h100i?

Oct 15, 2012
ASUS x99 Deluxe Rev1
5960x at around 4-4.2ghz
GTX 980 EVGA Reference
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
Hope this is in the right place, apologies if not!

I am getting fairly warm temps considering the amount of fans and cooling in my Enthoo Primo case. I have the following fans/rad installed:

1 x h100i CPU liquid cooler which is installed in the top of the case. It takes 2x 140mm fans which are installed above the rad, pulling air out of the top.

1 x 140mm rear exhaust fan
2 x 140mm intake from the bottom of the case
2 x 140mm intake from the front of the case

and even

2 x 120mm fans in the front of the case but behind the hd rack, so they pull air into the case, across the drives.

Inside I have on gt8 980 reference blower card that blows exhaust out of the back of the case.

Should be fairly cool right? Unfortunately it idles around 36-40 and gets very hot even with a mild overclock on the 5960x. I am using an x99 deluxe mobo.

So my question is, would it be better to pull cool air in from the top of the case/rad? So air coming in from top and bottom and out the back?

Just wanted to get some advice is possible, before bothering to pull the rad out and turn the fans around.

Or if any other ideas on how to best arrange the fans, would be appreciated!

See link for pic of the case (not mine, but the general layout): (6 of 14).jpg