Fail to boot installer - architecture couldn't be recognized

Feb 8, 2018
Asus Strix Z370-E
ASUS ROG 1080 Ti
  1. MacBook Pro
Hi all, I'm attempting to install my first Hackintosh on my z370+7700k+1080Ti PC. Following the stickied Installation Guide from the front page, I'm continually finding myself at an error of "architecture couldn't be recognized"

Reasons I think I might be failing:

BIOS configuration: I have reloaded the defaults (doesn't work) and made changes according to (also doesn't work)

GPU: Should I be selecting "Inject Nvidia" in the unibeast installer despite have a 200+ series GPU? (1080 Ti). I have also attempted connecting my monitor using the iGPU and it fails at the same error.

Lacking certain kexts: The install guide doesn't mention any specific kexts I need, and I couldn't find this in any coffee lake guide (perhaps I'm dreadful at finding the right thread). If there is anything I need to do after I install the image using Unibeast and before booting, please let me know. I have attached a zip of my EFI directory, as that seems to be the etiquette here for helping others see kext/config problems.

Disks: There are other disks connected with Windows 10 installed. The disk I intend to install to is a Samsung 960 EVO which will also have an NTFS partition. (GPT formatted disk)

Thanks in advance for any support rendered. This seems like an awesome community.


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