External USB Speaker keeps rebooting after MacOS shutdown

Apr 7, 2021
S210H (NUC alike)
Intel UHD Graphics 630
Hi, I made MacOS Big Sur manually by following opencore documentation. I generated .aml files by using

This is a NUC alike device. It does not have speaker built-in. Thus I am using an external USB speaker.

After I shutdown the MacOS, everything seems fine except my USB Speaker keeps rebooting (powering on and off forever). (Power LED is off state. SSD seems shutting down properly verified by `smartctl -a`)
I tried to google this problem, but I don't find anything online. It seems nobody has this problem before.

Now, I am checking this document:
Even if the issue is not the same, I think I may try that fix. Both cases are related to shutdown and USB.

If you think I shouldn't try that fix, you can ignore my following words.

After reading that doc, I am very confused what to do.
That doc mentions four things: "FixShutdown-USB-SSDT.dsl", "_PTS to ZPTS Patch (FixShutdown-Patch.plist)", "USB Controller's ACPI Path", and "".

What I understood (might not be correct):
(1) open the file "FixShutdown-Patch.plist" with ProperTree app. And then copy and replace all the fields to my config.plist > ACPI > Patch > 0
(2) open "FixShutdown-USB-SSDT.dsl" in "" app, and then replace "_SB_.PCI0.XHC_.PMEE" and "\_SB.PCI0.XHC.PMEE" to proper "USB Controller's ACPI Path" and then save as .aml file
(3) put the .aml file to "EFI/OC/ACPI". And add the entry config.plist > ACPI > Add >

Even If my above guess is correct, I have no ideas how to find "USB Controller's ACPI Path". If my above guess is not correct, I wil have no clue then.

Can anyone give me some ideas how to fix my issue OR how to follow shutdown.html doc properly?

Thank you very much.


My BIOS has the following setup and I am not sure if they are related:

State After G3 -- S5 State (It only has two options. S0 and S5)
RTC Wake system from S5 -- Disabled
DeepSx Power Policies -- Disabled
WAN Radio -- Enabled
BT Control -- Enabled
HD Audio -- Enabled


Maybe it's useful to attach my DSDT.aml.
I am a newbie and not sure what my DSDT.aml really is.

I created opencore EFI by using Linux system. and I got one DSDT.aml when I use `` to generate ACPI aml files. I am not sure if this DSDT.aml is the one. I actually didn't use this file at all.

I can also see a auto generated "System DSDT" opened when I open "" app. I am not sure if this is the one. But it can not be saved as. It reports many errors.

Thus, I am attaching the one created by `` in the linux system for now since nobody replied me yet.
Hopefull, this can help others to understand my problem easier.



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