EFI DONE LED always dim/SIL always ON solid.

May 30, 2019
Hello everyone, first post here. I have a Mac Pro 4,1 to 5,1 single Hex cpu model. I've posted elsewhere before with no luck, about my sleep indicator light always being on solid, even when shutdown and it stays solid during sleep. However, another thing I've noticed is that the EFI DONE LED on the backplane is lit green very faintly even when shutdown and it flickers when the machine is on sometimes. Everything else seems ok, with no FAIL LED's lit. I've tried all the basic troubleshooting procedures like resetting the SMC, PRAM, removed the CMOS battery and removed HDD's and PCIe cards, as well as ran AHT. Any thoughts as to what's causing these issues? Could the firmware or SMC be corrupted? It runs fine otherwise, but I didn't always have this problem with the SIL and it functioned correctly after I flashed it to a 5,1 years ago. I noticed the problem was after I lived in Europe and changed voltage from 115-240V and not sure it was coincidence or not. My Power Supply seems to be working fine and all my temps are where they should be. Also, this behaviour only happens when the CPU tray is in the Mac. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Here, you can see with the unit powered down, the SIL light is solid and there is a slight glow to the EFI DONE LED on the board.