Editing plist doesn't work

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Oct 22, 2013
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[Semi-Solved]Editing plist doesn't work

Hi people.

First of all, thanks for your work. I have been looking for an answer in the forum but i have no clue why this is not working. Sorry for my english, im spanish and my english level is horrible.

I have used Unibeast and Multibeast last version to install Mavericks in a SSD. I have other two drives (one with Windows 7 and another for storage). Instalation of Mavericks was ok, everything works, chimera runs ok, it detect 4 hds (3 reals, mavericks, windows, storage) and "Partition Reservated" who i think is windows boot, because when i click on it, windows starts instead of Mavericks.

So everything is ok. The problem is that i want to change in chimera, the default selection. Now, Mavericks is default, but i want Windows 7, in this case "Partition reservated". So i edited plist from chimera as:

<key>Default Partition</key>
<string>"Partition Reserved"</string>

doesnt works.

I tried in Spanish too, because the real name of the hd is "Revervado para el sistema"

<key>Default Partition</key>
<string>"Reservado para el sistema"</string>

doesnt works either.

I tried other keys like Hide Partition, Rename Partition....dont work.

I cant figure why this is not working :banghead:

I turn off the machine, turn on an chimera is working as always without changes and the plist has my new lines when i restart.

Someone has solved my situation?, i didnt find something like this.

Thanks for your time.

Update: plist has recognized hd(x,y) command but the rest of the command didnt.
<key>Default Partition</key>

Just like this, please use the partition number, but not the name of the volume.
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