Doubt on Battery Status Patch for my Dell Inspiron

May 8, 2021
Dell Inspiron 5491 2 in 1
i7 10510U
UHD Graphics
Mobile Phone
  1. iOS
Hello there,
I am trying to install macOS BigSur for my Dell Inspiron 5491 13inch. However, in the process, I have got a small doubt related to the patch of the battery status. I was following the generic guide of Rehab Man ( and found out that all of my fields are in 8 Bits and there are absolutely no 16 or 32bit fields in my DSDT.dsl. So my question is that am I doing something wrong? or is my battery status already patched? I tried to search the web for solution but couldn't find the right resources, therefore, leading me to post the question here.

Note that I have just tried to boot till OpenCore bootloader and just exited due to some error that I fixed. And on sanity checking my config.plist again with slowgeek it shows that `SMCBatteryManager.kext Please ensure your battery has been properly patched to 8bits, otherwise, this can cause issues`

I have attached my EFI and dsdt.dsl with this post.

Any help is greatly appreciated


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