Don't hate me but.... Custom Build #3

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Aug 16, 2011
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Im going to be building the custom build #3 pretty much down to the T barr memory modules as i need cheaper ones to save money, but trailing through the forum i cannot find the definite answear will the GIGABYTE ATI Radeon HD6850 1GB DDR5 2DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort PCI-Express Video Card GV-R685OC-1GD work 100% OOB or with minimal faffing around as im building this for a friend and he is not very tech savvy and i wont be bothered to keep going round there to sort the problems out. any help on this would be fanastic and very sorry for asking what may have been asked before :?
No it will not work 100%

Display port

Not Working:
lower DVI

But you can use a display port to HDMI adapter :)

Hope this helped :) :)
Not wanting to pour cold water on this, but I wouldn't recommend that anyone run a hack if they didn't have the knowhow to sort it out, or at least have someone on hand who has the time to help out.

If your friend isn't all that tech savvy, he might run into problems further down the line which he can't sort out by himself.

Just saying...
(I can't really speak, as I've just built one for my gf, but at least I'm here to fix it if / when it goes wrong...)
In 10.6.8 ripple effect in widgets was present indicating QE/CI. But I could not play any .avi's with quicktime and geekbench crashed. Strangely cinebench ran and reported an open GL score of around 43.
I was hoping upgrading to 10.7 and subsequently 10.7.1 would help but no luck. The ripple effect is not even present when adding a widget and dvd player crashes too (although I didn't check this in 10.6.8)
I am trying to set graphics enabler "no" but multibeast is not performing this task for me and reverts to graphics enabler yes.
System profiler displays the card as Radeon HD6xxx series with correct ram. Resolution is 1360 x 768 on a 32" sony bravia.
Apart from this everything works great system is smooth and all I used was easybeast.
I'll report back if I succeed. Good luck!
I could never get my Sapphire Radeon 6850 to work with my Hackintosh. Ever. I just ended up swapping it with my old GTX 460.

But honestly, getting video cards to work with Hackintoshes sucks in general. If I had tried long enough, I probably would have gotten my 6850 to work one way or another. And for all I know, the Sapphire version of the card might be completely different from the Gigabyte version. I can't guarantee that it'll work out of the box, though.
My Sapphire Radeon 6850 works perfectly through DVI with GraphicsEnabler=Yes booting with the latest Chimera (with the ATI drivers from Multibeast for 10.6.6 and earlier) from 10.6.6 all the way up to 10.7.1.
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