Does Carbon Copy Cloner Really Make a "Bootable" Hackintosh HD?

Nov 26, 2010
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I used the latest version of Carbon Copy Cloner today to make a "bootable" copy/clone/image of the original hackintosh hard disk drive.

CCC said that the cloning process was successful. But when I plugged in the cloned drive in place of the original drive, I am not able to boot.

I made absolutely no changes to hardware, firmware, or application software.

The original and duplicate HDDs are exactly the same size and model number. The BIOS does not even sense the change in drives!

I am using the latest version of Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac as a 15 day trial.

As I was reading threads on this topic, I came across an email that stated that Carbon Copy Cloner cannot make a clone of a Hackintosh drive.
To make the Hackintosh drive bootable, he suggested using Chimera or Chameleon bootloader. Really??? :crazy:

Any advice would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

:) Hi folks. It's been years since I have X58a build has worked flawlessly since it was built (Xmas 2010). All, I have really done is increase hard drive capacity. My machine now has 8 drives (but 2 are 'partitioned' drives) (including 1 SSD....purely for experimental purposes) and I have chosen to not upgrade from Snow Leopard on my main drive - it works for me, and is fast. Ok....back on point, I regularly use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone my drives (prior to cloning, I originally connected my new drives directly via a SATA cable, but now have a cheap, but effective Astone Dock station) and then swap them over. For example, today I bought a 2 TB hard drive, partitioned it using Disk Utility, then cloned my main drive onto the first (1TB) partition. However, in order for it to boot, before the drive is disconnected, I simply use Multibeast to install the Chimera bootloader. It's always worked flawlessly. :) (what are my drives for?......I write large music files and edit lots of home movies).