Dock High CPU usage - unable to use system

Jun 1, 2013
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Hi all,

Not sure if it is the right forum to post this issue but if not, please move the post to the right forum. I have a weird issue that has been driving me crazy for 3 days now. I went away for a week and my hackintosh stayed in sleep mode for that long. When I came back, I woke up the mac and it seemed ok, for a little while. There was a notification for a Vivaldi’s update which I installed then also notification for updates in the app stores for 2 apps. I opened the App Store, clicked on update all and the system froze. I mean I could move windows but as soon as I clicked on a button I had the spinning wheel. I restarted the system and same thing; as soon as all the windows reopened, the system was unresponsive. A right click on an icon on the dock froze the system. I have been trying for the past 3 days to fix the issue; went to safe mode, opened the task manager and this is where I saw that the « dock » process was using between 200 and 300% of the cpu. There was another process CVMcompiler that was also using 100%. At this point in time I was running Mojave 10.14.4. I could boot into my clone which did not have the issue (the clone is a month old). Since I could not find any solution I decided to upgrade to 10.14.6 which I managed to do painfully by killing constantly the dock process so that at least the installer could progress. When the installation was finished, everything was back to normal; no issue at all. Until I pressed the AppStore icon and clicked on « update all ». Then exactly the same scenario; I will be able to move windows but as soon as I click on a button in a window or a menu, spinning wheel and basically the application is dead. Initially I thought it was then Vivaldi update but thinking twice now, I remember that the issue started when I pressed update all.
I can’t now fix the issue by upgrading the OS since there is no update following 10.14.6.
Note that event in safe mode it is almost unusable. I can painfully open a terminal window or sometime the explorer after waiting 10 minutes following the click.
I am completely lost with ideas. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.