Disk Utility Restoration Mismatch

Jul 2, 2012
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I have a 1 terabyte hard drive with 4 guid partitions. The first is an empty 200GB partition named "El Capitan". Second is 150gb named "Mavericks" with working Mavericks. Third is 100gb partition i named "Windows" with working El Cap. The fourth took the remaining space and named it "Repository".

My El Cap works. Im satisfied with my current setup but since my install partition is only a 100gb, i think its kind of small for a primary partition so i booted into El Cap Recovery and restored my working elcap installation partition (named Windows) to my empty 200gb El Capitan partition.

The restore was successful and i can boot into the newly restored El Capitan partition. I wanted to erase Windows partition so i could use the extra space but decided not to because of the following concerns:

1. When i open Disk Utility and select my "Windows" (my restore source) and look at the disk usage of the partition, it shows the following:
15.1GB for Apps
2.16GB for Photos
643 for Audio
266.3GB for Movies
9.67GB for Other​

2. Now when i click "El Capitan" (my restore destination), its markedly different in that it only uses the following resources:
8.85GB for Apps
890.7GB for Photos
681.4 for Audio
46.8GB for Movies
17.15GB for Other.​

Why the mismatch?

3. My understanding is that even though i chose to install clover on the Windows partition during the clover installation procedure, deleting Windows partition will not affect my clover partition (since it resides on a separate invisible partition [the EFI partition]). Am i correct?

4. Lastly, when booting clover, im presented with an extra boot partition aside from partitions being shown on the "diskutil list" terminal command. An added option to "Boot OS X Install from El Capitan" appears. I noticed i also have that third option alongside my Windows partition that contains my original El Cap install. Is this a new thing now as my Mavericks install only have itself and a recovery partition as an option to boot from (see pic "clover")?

Im on El Capitan version 10.11
Disk Utility version 15.0 (1150)
Clover v2.3k r3835

Your thoughts?