Dell Optiplex 390 Help

Feb 10, 2017
Hi everyone, I've tried following the tutorials to install High Sierra and I cant seem to get it fully working. I can install the OS just fine, but when getting the kexts installed, multi best doesn't seem to work. I dont know what Im doing wrong but I cant get rid of screen tearing issues even after installing the Nvidia Web Drivers, a boot loader wont install, the only thing I got working was my ethernet. If anyone could help me out that would be great! Thanks in advanced. (I do need to reinstall macOS High Sierra on my system to start from the beginning)

System Specs:
Core i5 2400
12gb of ddr3 ram
GTX 770
1tb WD Blue
A pcie based AHCI controller (the optiplex h61 chipset lacks an ahci controller)