Dell Latitude 7285 Post Installation Help - Intel HD 615 Graphics Acceleration on Internal Display

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Oct 2, 2020
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Can anyone report on, or assist with, getting the internal display on the Dell Latitude 7285 to function with Graphics Acceleration in Mojave? The internal display (3K) will work without Graphics Acceleration in native resolution(2880x1920) [and 1440x960 HiDPI]. Once the framebuffer patch (thank you, @RehabMan) is applied to fix Graphics Acceleration, the system boots, but the internal display will only show backlight [the screen is black, but backlit---the system successfully boots, but no-show on the internal display, although it is shown in About this Mac/Displays, but with the incorrect resolution(s)], and on the external monitor everything will work (including Graphics Acceleration).
I have tried a variety of fixes on this, specifically using the Hackintool and Guide to Custom HiDPI resolutions to set the correct aspect ratio and resolutions to the internal display [3:2, 2880x1920]. It may be a hint to this problem that Hackintool doesn't consistently read the "Display" information (with Graphics Acceleration working)--Hackintool variously returns either incorrect aspect ratios (16:9, 8:5, 4:3), or non-sensical (3860:189) ones. With Graphics Acceleration working, Hackintool reads the display as VID-4D10;PID1482 (which appears to be correct), but either incorrectly reads (or imposes) aspect ratios of either 16:10 and/or 16:9 (there are a large number of Scaled Resolutions that are offered in SysPrefs/Display for the internal display----all of them based on 16:10 or 16:9---importantly, none based on 3:2, which is the correct aspect ratio for the internal display. If Graphics Acceleration in turned off, Hackintool "Display" reads the correct aspect ratio (3:2), but the VID and PID seem to be incorrect [VID-756e6b6e;PID717]. It is as if, Whatevergreen or Apple, imposes a 16:10 or 16:9 aspect ratio to internal displays----is this true? My working theory is that if I can figure out how to successfully inform the GPU that the internal display is 2880x1920 (and the various scaled resolutions that cascade from this 3:2 aspect ratio) that the internal display will correctly "light up", instead of its currrent weakly flashing backlight (which is easily induced by choosing among the incorrect scaled resolutions that are offered in SysPrefs/Displays for the internal display).

Thank you for any kind assistance on this---I've hit the wall. I attach (thanks, @black.dragon74).


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