Dell 7737 DSDT Compile Errors

Mar 30, 2018
Dell Inspiron 7737
HD 4600
MacBook Pro

I am currently trying to install Mojave on a Dell 17R 7737 (INTEL i7-4500u Haswell)

I have followed the guide on how to disassemble the ACPI files and patch them. I am running the command "iasl -da -dl -fe refs.txt *.aml" using the latest version of IASL. Yet I am still getting errors right off the bat in the DSDT file. I have basic knowledge of programming structure in a few languages but I'm lost here. Aside from commenting out lines over and over until it is error free I don't know what to do. The internet yields no help. I did the process twice as I thought the files may have been corrupt or failed the disassemble but I still get the same errors. I am using specification 5.0A, not sure if that's correct?

I did get a DSDT file working after commenting out tons of lines but I ended up with some erratic behaviour. So now I'm trying to start from scratch.

2 of the major issues I am struggling with is:

1) Sleep Functionality is a mess - When I invoke sleep the monitor goes off right away but the HDD and FAN continue to spin. I cannot bring it back to life until I hold the power button and boot from scratch.

2) I am using VoodooHDA for audio but the sound is so low - even at the highest volume. I tried a fix someone suggested in the .plist file of VoodooHDA by changing a value to true for a volume fix -- but still no change. I had fiddled with the DSDT so much I think this may have something to do with it, which is why I am trying to start over.

I have been following this guide: for the patches

Can someone help me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I'm also not sure what to do with the SSDT files. Its my understanding the 3 files that have a 'x' I do not need. What do I do with the other SSDT files? Do I put them into the EFI patched folder? Do I need to run any patches on them? If so how do I know which patches I need to run on them?

Also I have been patching my DSDT with the patches listed in the Guide I posted above.

I have attached the decompiled DSDT and all unmodified .aml files.