Dell 690 into G5 case YES IT FITS ;)

Nov 28, 2012
Dell 690
2x Xeon 5345
HD 5830
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
Hi there!

I registered to get access your awesome downloads section, now that I'm here, I might just as well post what I've been working on! :D

So, I acquired a Power Macintosh G5 few weeks ago and quickly noticed PowerPC's are rather worthless these days. Silly alcohol-induced idea took over my senses and I began working on modding my primary computer, Dell Precision 690 into the G5 case :crazy: It turned out to be hours of work, because the Dell 690 is .. rather big. I had to (and gladly did) leave out a few parts like DVD-drive, floppy-drive and a couple of fans.

My primary goal was to keep the case as original-looking as possible. I didn't care enough to take a bunch photos during the modding (I wish I did), there's only one pic where I'm not finished so let's begin with it:
A messy room, empty Dell case and a desperate attempt at fitting all the parts in. :p The PSU wouldn't fit in nicely and eventually it became the only part I'm still dissatisfied with.

Pics from outside:
Nothing unusual in the front. ;)

I /O panel cut off entirely. IMO Looks better than leaving half of it in place. Power cable is original weird looking one aaand it doesn't go all the way in :rolleyes: I didn't remember it had that funny plate on it.

Power button, power LED and USB ports are functional. Having never used the audio jack and IEEE thingy, I saved myself from the trouble of connecting them.

To the ugly part, insides of the case:
The first things you see here are PSU, PSU and PSU. Hanging around making no sense. I should paint it black or something :p

And here you can see the rest of the parts. Mobo is sitting on the Dell's (slightly modified) mobo tray glued and screwed to case, HDD bay is on the floor and original back fans are in place doing a terrific job. This RAM is known for running super HOT.

Valokuva 2012-11-29 23.25.18.jpg
A funny fact that I discovered: The PSU is blowing air out through the front of the case and ogether with GPU fan they make the air flow from back to front at the top part of the case. Below the GPU, the air is flowing from front to back as expected. Apple's plexiglas is shaped perfectly to keep these two air flows from mixing. Actually, the entire computer is running cooler than it ever did in the Dell case! Awesome :lol:

My G5 got lots more powerful and useful than before :) Here are the specs: (much like an old Mac Pro?)
Dual Xeon 5345 2.33GHz
16Gb 667MHz ECC in Quad-channel
AMD Radeon HD 5830
Old 320Gb HDD

Now to install the OS X :banghead:
Mountail Lion kernel panics every boot. Snow Leopard boots but HD5830 and the sound card appear to be unsupported. I'll keep on trying, thank you all for this excellent site! :)
May 9, 2013
Dell Precision 690
2x Xeon 5345 (8-Core)
Quadro 4500
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
iOS, Other
yo dude, this is awesomeness. I found an 8-core dell 690 for $40 the other day. any advice on putting osx on it?