Deleted "WINDOWS" folder from Clover, can't boot Windows... yeah, I'm a moron.

Jan 2, 2019
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So as the title says. I at one point assumed I wouldnt need Windows anymore so I was looking through the /EFI/Clover folder and just decided I could delete the WINDOWS folder (I still have the APPLE, BOOT and CLOVER folders). Now I need to be able to boot back into Windows but the only thing that is displayed by Clover at start is a "Boot Windows from Legacy" icon and that just hangs. The actual Windows boot SSD was not touched in any way so it should still have its EFI and standard partitions.

Is there some way to recover the Windows boot commands for Clover?
Jun 4, 2017
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Try using Windows 10/8 installation drive command prompt to recover those files or use automatic repair.
  1. When Command Prompt has finished loading, type:diskpart
  2. Press Enter
  3. The diskpart utility should now be loaded:DISKPART>
  4. Type:sel disk 0
  5. Press Enter
  6. Wait for the confirmation message:Disk 0 is now the selected disk.
  7. Type:list vol
  8. Press Enter
  9. diskpart will now show the full list of volumes available on your PC
  10. Find the UEFI volume from the list. This usually has “BOOT” mentioned on the Label column, “System” on the Info column. The Fs column might FAT32 specified.For our example, in the next steps, our UEFI partition will be on Volume 2.
  11. Type:sel vol 2
  12. Press Enter
  13. Type:assign letter=G:
    Where G: should be a unique drive letter. It can’t be already used, e.g. C:\, D:\
  14. Press Enter
  15. Wait for the confirmation message:DiskPart successfully assigned the drive letter or mount point.
  16. Type:exit
  17. Press Enter
  18. Type:cd /d G:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\
    Where G: is the drive letter you’ve assigned to your UEFI partition a few steps back.
    If the \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\ folder doesn’t exist (the error message will be “The system cannot find the path specified”), you can run the same command on alternative paths:
    cd /d G:\Boot\
    cd /d G:\ESD\Windows\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\
    Remember to replace G: with the UEFI’s partition letter.
  19. Type the bootrec command:bootrec /fixboot
  20. Press Enter
  21. For backup purposes, backup the BCD record of your computer like this:ren BCD BCD.bak
  22. Recreate the BCD using the bcdboot command:Bcdboot C:\Windows /l en-us /s x: /f ALL
    Where C:\ is the letter of the drive where Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 is installed on.
    The /l en-us parameter is used for localization: US. You can use ln /en-gb for UK localization.
  23. Press Enter
  24. You can also run this command too:bootrec /rebuildbcd
  25. Press Enter
  26. Type exit in Command Prompt
  27. Restart your computer
  28. Your Windows 8/8.1/10 should now boot again

I hope that works.