Deciding on whether or not it is worth it to build...

Jun 24, 2014
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
I am a college student enrolled in an interactive multimedia program in which I am programming, editing film, recording and engineering music, making and testing video games, and designing web applications. I was going to go build a PC through cyberpower as I do not know a ton about building a comp and this would be my first computer build. Problem is I love using the OS-native DAW Logic for music purposes and I also want to use Xcode to program in swift for learning purposes. These are the two main reasons I want to use a mac. I went on the apple site and stumbled upon the new mac pro's. They are awesome, but once I upgraded it to what I would need for all my sound and multimedia purposes, it was a pretty damn expensive rig. I heard about the hackintosh and found this site. I am left now with a $2000 budget, and I am wondering if there is a mac pro build that somebody could help me with or point me in the direction of that can act as my pseudo-mac workstation. I would like a 6-core processor and plenty of memory, an ssd and a few other things. I do not know a ton about computer parts or hardware yet so I would appreciate the help. If I were to get one of these things built, would it be one of those things where I am constantly having to tweak things and adjust parts to download new versions of the OS? Or once I get a solid build will I be good to go?