Deciding between Asus prime Z390-A and Gigabyte Aorus Pro wifi

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Jun 3, 2019
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Hi Folks
I planning a photo and video editing workstation with an i7 9700k, a 390 board and 32gb RAM. But on my medium budget I cannot decide between two boards. I would like to run two monitors eventually but at the moment just have HD Apple cinema display on HDMI or DVI which I expect should be fine unless anyone knows better?

Any personal preferences from experience between Asus Prime Z390-A and Gigabyte Aorus Pro Wifi.

Wifi on board seems useful but presumably isnt too difficult to add to the Asus.

Thunderbolt in the future but not essential too.

A couple of SSD'S to finish off.
I like Toslink out for audio direct to AV amp hence these boards but wondered if anyone had anything bad to say about either of them.

There seem to be plenty of threads so a bewildering array of info abounds from which I have tried to get a feel but it would be good to hear a comparison if anyone has one to offer.

Many thanks
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