Dante Virtual Soundcard, macOS Catalina, and kernel_task

Jan 19, 2018
Gigabyte Z390UD
UHD 630 + RX 580
  1. iMac
Mobile Phone
  1. Android
Hi all,

Would like to ask for guidance regarding my very specific issue here.
I am building a hack using iMac19,1 SMBIOS, which so far has been very stable to run Logic Pro, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere as well as other macOS apps and also AppStore and iCloud features.
However, I recently install a Dante Virtual Soundcard in this Mac, which marks the start of problem that I would like to share for any advise that I can run through to find any solution.
The detail of my system is as follow:
1. Gigabyte Z390UD motherboard, with RTL8111 ethernet card with latest kext supplied from Mieze/RTL8111_driver_for_OS_X: OS X open source ... - › Mieze › RTL8111_driver_for_OS_X
2. i9-9900 processor.
3. Radeon RX5500XT.
4. Network connection through Mikrotik CRS109 router.

What I notice is as follow:
1. When I run Dante Virtual Soundcard, the sound coming from Dante system is stuttering. I thought it was due to the Ethernet connection/driver, but I look into Wireshark and see that all the packets arrive as intended. Some latency etc I believe due to the setting of Mikrotik which is another topic, but it is always about the audio that is stuttering totally unusable.
2. I notice further that, whenever Dante Virtual Soundcard is running, I see a high percentage of kernel_task, up to 105-106% and running from one core to another (seems like, the kernel_task running only in single core). However, when I monitor into the temperature of the core using HWMonitor, the temperature is around 30 up to 50degC and the fan is not running at any additional speed.
3. When I tried the Dante Virtual Soundcard with my other hack using Thinkpad T460s (i5-6200 with Intel Ethernet Port), Dante Virtual Soundcard works flawless and I can take the audio to be used and processed further.

I would like to seek advise, where could I look further into this issue so I can then be able to use the Dante Virtual Soundcard in my hack for my music production purpose.

I attach also my EFI folder for reference.

Thank you very much for any advise given.


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