CustoMac Mini 2013: GA-H87N-WIFI - Core i3-4340 - Intel HD 4600

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Mar 8, 2014
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Thank you so much for the instructions! I'm too much of a n00b to figure out the Toleda guide, but this had me good to go in five minutes. Nicely done!

Legend, this should replace that other guide. thanks
Oct 25, 2013
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I'm back from a long nature vacation anyway thanks Adrian B and pfl4ume for you response :)

since as you have said that the antec ISK 110 wouldn't work unless I upgraded its psu w/ a Pico PSU, now I've decided to let it go. and besides the case is no longer available in my country :p so I decided to move on a compact one, I choose a Lian Li PC-Q02 case w/ 300watt 80+ Certified PSU included.

I hope this 300watt 80+ Certified PSU would work on this spec
i5 4670
8GB 1600mhz DDR3
250 Samsung 840 PRO
4TB WD Black Caviar

I have some questions about internal graphics HD4600, since its an internal graphics and would use some of your memory. how much big would the HD4600 use from your memory? is it fixed? or you can allocate how much you want?

coming from my 1st hackintosh which has a discrete video card,
i3 4330
4GB 1333 DDR3
160 Seagate barracuda
GT430 1GB DDR3 Gainward which I use VGA cable to connect my 19" Haier square monitor (1024x1280)

Works perfectly w/ 10.9.2 everything works sleep/wake, usb3 and Lan now works natively w/o multibeast. my mutibeast option only are, audio, fakesmc, chimera,graphicsenabler=yes and then the rest works natively and perfectly. :p

but when its time for me to use Aperture or Final Cut Pro one at a time, and using memory clean at the same time to monitor my memory use, I experienced slow response and sometimes it lags when memory clean shows that my memory usage is about 100mb left out of 4GB.

Im not a pro, I just use Aperture and Final Cut Pro instead of iPhoto and iMovie for my school project of short video clip presentation and some photo editing or making banners and announcement.

coming from a setup w/ discrete video card, I know the solution to this is to add more ram. but if I am going to use the internal graphics HD4600, how much ram should I allocate to the HD4600 and how much ram should I have to work it smoothly? is 8GB should be enough? or should be go up to 16GB?

and lastly about the monitor, its my first time to use an HDMI monitor so please bare with me :)

I've read again the whole thread and there are some issues w/ HDMI connection.
1. flickering
2. sleep/wake problem
3. HDMI audio

since I'll be using Asus VX279H which it only supports HDMI connection

the Monitor that I would use has 2 HDMI port and 2HDMI cable include, I don't know if its a HDMI 1.4 Cable or not.

1. for a 1080x1920 monitor, whats the difference of 1.4 HDMI cable from a regular HDMI cable? the one included in the package? and there is HDMI 2.0 cable now also..

2. if I'll be using an external speaker, should an HDMI connection work even without audio?

3. if I use a monitor with a DVI-D/I connection, will I still encounter flickering and sleep/wake problems? or this is isolated only to HDMI connection?

4. the Asus VX279H monitor includes a HDMI to DVI cable, can i use this to use the DVI output on H87N-Wifi then connect it to HDMI input to the monitor? has anyone tried this?

5. if there are versions of HDMI cables like 1.0/1.4/2.0 are there versions of HDMI port also? only the cables have different versions? like example, use HDMI 2.0 cable to HDMI 2.0 port?
Nov 8, 2012
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Hey there i had some freeze issues and wake from sleep troubles. Both were made by my Ram, as i Replaced the defect Module it works flawlessly.

I was running into the same issue on my rev.2 board (i don't recall the rev1 board giving me the same problem, but since I had cloned that os from an already set-up macbook pro with the below settings already enabled, I must have bypassed this particular problem).

Did a search everywhere for how to solve, but it kept requiring a bios reset to overcome the problem and be able to boot the hack. I figured it must be the way the mac puts the os to sleep, and more importantly the sleep image creation process.

Disabling this process cures the problem! If you suffer a power cut whilst the machine is asleep, there is no recovery, but I can live with that; it will just boot again to desktop without resetting apps. Though, having said that, maybe ML and above's ability to cope with such instances and auto save may well cope with this too.

Anyway, here's what cured the problem.

In terminal, find your hibernate mode by c/p the below;

pmset -g | grep hibernatemode

You should return '3'
Here are the modes;
0: Suspend to RAM. RAM remains powered on while sleeping, safe sleep is disabled, wake is instant.
1: Suspend to disc, a.k.a safe sleep. RAM contents is written to disk, computer shuts down completely. Slower to wake up.
3: RAM is powered on while sleeping, but RAM contents are also written to disk before sleeping.
5: Same as mode 1, but for using secure virtual memory.
7: Same as mode 3, but for using secure virtual memory.

We want '0', so enter the below in terminal
sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0
And enter your password. If this is the first time you have ever entered a sudo command, you'll think it's broken when you enter your password as you don't see anything appear - don't worry, it's not broken, this is a security feature. Just enter your password and hit return, and you are good.

If you want to remove the now-redundant sleep image and get those precious gigs of SSD goodness back, enter the below;

sudo rm /var/vm/sleepimage

And that's it. Kiss goodbye the wake-from-sleep issues (unless your problem is down to something else that is, in which case "good luck!" ;) )

[Edit; out of curiosity, I put the hack to sleep, waited the 10 secs or so for it all to settle down, and then yanked the power supply. Waited a further few mins before putting the power cord back in to simulate a brief outage, at which time the machine rebooted (bios was set to reboot after cut). Apps mounted exactly as I had left them. So, not a bad result.]
Jan 23, 2014
Haswell Core i3 4330
Intel HD 4600
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Hey guys, I'm having trouble booting to the Installer with the usb created using Unibeast, I have installed the system before, it gave me absolutly no trouble, but now I'm stuck.

Here is the picture for -x and -v

Sorry for the upside-down picture. Somehow it was rotated after I uploaded them.

Aug 18, 2011
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I'm running this build with an i3-4330 in the Antec ISK-110. Even for the i3 the 90w PSU is too small - it works, but I need to be careful till I get a replacement.
In your case it's even worse. Calculation:
i5: 84watt
Board: 10-15watt
RAM: 3watt per dimm
SSD: 3watt

So the whole system uses 103-108W, which means you'd need at least 120W. Since the case is too small for a normal PSU you'll need a picoPSU.

Hi Marukang,
I don't know if you already bought your Lian Li, but you can still find some small ITX case. For example the Antex ISK 300-150.
Also Silverstone SG05 SG06. Fractal Design Node 304.

From my previous hack with i3-3225 + SS + HDD, I could not get it higher than 50W! (on the plug)
Running all benchmarks, video rendering, cpu 100%, etc.
i3-3225 is TDP 55W.

How it's possible your i3-4330 (with TDP 54W) is too short with a 90W PSU?
Mar 17, 2014
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If anybody running this build has attempted to run a 2560x1440 display using this motherboard, could you please go post in my thread at (or just respond here). Thanks!

Also, can anybody confirm whether the H87N allows you to to undervolt the CPU by doing a negative voltage offset? I know the Z87N allows it, but since the H87N doesn't support overclocking, I'm curious whether or not it supports undervolting. Thanks.
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