CustoMac Desktop USB Fixes - 10.11+ Reference

Sep 20, 2011
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Okay. Your English is fine. :thumbup:

With Big Sur running on a mixed controller - XHCI and EHCI - we have to remember no Mac ever had this setup, so there is no built-in code for it.

OS X expects the EHCI controllers to be called EH01 and EH02 and that is why we have the renames, however I have seen this crash Big Sur. Tested and tested. It's true. Maybe not for all chipsets ...

USBInjectAll.kext works with Big Sur but the XhciPortLimit can cause a lock-up since 11.3 which is why a USB kext is needed.

USBPorts.kext does include power settings, which I haven't seen in USBMap.kext.

It might be the case that renaming your EHCI controller on such a "veteran" CPU running Big Sur is a push too far. @RehabMan wrote the guide for USB power delivery but it is not an easy ride.

Sorry I don't have an instant answer to your problem, it is quite rare.

Thank you for your time and answer!

You are probably right about this "veteran" CPU, maybe its time for pension :)
I shall have a look at RehabMans guide again, even if it is a big bite.
In case I should find something I will write back.

Have a nice weekend, soon