CustoMac Budget ATX i3-8100 buyers guide

Jan 5, 2019
Gigabyte H370M DS3H
UHD 630
Hello all, I thought this was worth a moment to indicate the buyers guide for building a CustoMac Budget ATX may lead folks astray. Particularly how the component list has omitted a graphics card in favor of the IGPU (Intel UHD630). This graphics arrangement does work however leaves everything desired in terms of graphic performance.

The potential issue is when assembling hardware for the CustoMac Budget ATX one expects these components to be somewhat compatible however after following this guide graphics performance (albeit functional) has no acceleration due to memory being stuck at 6 or 7MB. There are numerous threads on i3-8100 UHD630 and how to get it to work properly however there is no definitive method for achieving the correct config, only lots of guessing.

There may be hope! I understand the new MacMini uses this exact processor and UHD630, hopefully this will lead to streamlined 8100 compatibility. Until that becomes available I believe it should be clearly indicated that this is not the best hardware configuration.

Personally I purchased the i3-8100 for a budget build however band-aid time invested(with no results) Vs. purchasing a more compatible CPU is my new challenge.

To that end, would anyone be able to make an educated recommendation for an alternate CPU?