Crazy Audio issue. May be related to USB??? Please help

Jan 17, 2012
AS Rock Z370 Extreme4
EVGA 1080 ti
Mobile Phone
OK, I have a ticket open with Presonus, but, I think I may get a better/quicker answer here.
I have a Hack that is GA z87X-UD3H with Xeon 1231 and GTX750ti, with 4X4gb of Ram. The audio interface is a Presonus Audiobox VSL22.
The machine makes noise constantly and changes pitch when moving windows, or anything having to do with the graphics. It's running 10.10.5 and Studio One 3.3.3. But, the noise happens anytime, including just moving a folder on the desktop.
I've tried ALL the troubleshooting on the Presonus website/forums, and looked through many apple, tonymac, insanelymac, etc trying to figure this out. Tried using the generic USB kext, also, without (how it's supposed to work), tried using the audiobox's drivers (all). Tried it just core audio with no drivers. Tried all the USB ports (the ones on back are usb3, but I have a USB 2 up front). Nothing seems to make the noise go away, only changes in pitch. Waiting for an answer from Presonus made me think that, hey, they probably can't tech support a hackintosh...and, the first thing they asked for is the system report, so, I don't think they will be any help.

To make things worse, it runs perfectly fine, and without noise in a random win7 laptop hanging around.

Of course I could install Win on the machine, but that's not why I have a Hackintosh.

This machine previously was using a MOTU F/W interface with zero problems.

Anyone have any ideas at all? I'm currently taking a step back before my head explodes!
Just so you know, it is a different machine than the machine in my sig. Similar, but with the components listed above.