Core i7-2700K GA-Z68XP-UD4 16GB RAM Radeon 6850 SSD 256 GB

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Dec 22, 2011
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iPatch's Build: i7-2700K - GA-Z68XP-UD4 - 16GB RAM - Radeon 6850 - SSD 256 GB

All parts are from Sofmap in Japan, they can also be found at other shops at (Japanese only)
  • OS Lion 10.7.2 clean install (Japanese)
  • CPU Core i7 2700K
  • MB Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD4/G3 (BIOS F5)

  • Case Scythe SS-Extreme (Sofmap exclusive)
  • Video HIS Radeon HD 6850 (H685QN1GD)

  • PSU Gouriki-III 700W, 80+Silver
  • CPU Cooler Scythe Apsalus2-120 water

  • RAM UMAX DDR3-1600 4GBx4 (16GB)
  • HDD TrueSpeed 256 MB SSD SATA6Gbs (CSSD-S6TM256NMPQ)
  • Optical Samsung SH-222 SATA DVD Writer
  • Monitor NEC Multisync PA271W (using MultiProfiler hardware calibration)[/*:m:fqnoc503]

Already owned
  • Older WD 750 GB (WDC WD7500AACS)[/*:m:fqnoc503]
  • Wacom Tablet PTZ-630[/*:m:fqnoc503]
  • Logicool MX620 Laser mouse[/*:m:fqnoc503]
  • 2008 iMac keyboard[/*:m:fqnoc503]

This is my first Hackintosh build after doing lot of reading on the forums here. I'm sure there's room for improvement and possible errors in the OSx86 setup. Sleep/wake works, gigabit ethernet is reliable and fast. It's been stable since I built it about at the beginning of January, 2012.

This build includes hints for Japanese and other non-ASCII language users. Some of the links are to Japanese manufacturer sites but the hardware is probably available internationally.

The important parts like MB, graphics card and CPU were chosen from other users' builds on this forum. Many good builds stood out but it was Stork's build and discussion by so many other builders that really made it easy for me to decide what parts to choose.

Below is the initial build, as you can see the cables are still a mess.

SSD contains root (/) partition and slow HDD contains my $HOME directory. This way the OS X swap file stays on the SSD. I also keep the Photoshop Scratch Disk on the SSD (see the CS4, CS5 KB). How to move your home directory properly see my other post in the Hackintosh Tips Round-up

I followed the guide for UniBeast at tonymacx86.

  • Disk partitioning. Only use ASCII characters for partition names. For example default Japanese partition names won't boot (at least in my early tests in iBoot)[/*:m:fqnoc503]
  • If the installer is in Japanese the keyboard is still a US layout when you choose a user password. Some keys will give unexpected results. It's better to choose a simple password and change it from the installed OS X Lion. [/*:m:fqnoc503]
  • In addition to a working Display Port, the Radeon 6850 has two DVI ports. The top one works OOTB and is DVI-D. The bottom one only works with GraphicsEnabler=No set in the boot menu. Use the top one OOTB.[/*:m:fqnoc503]
  • (Optional) Move the home directory after installation.[/*:m:fqnoc503]
  • Ethernet was working OOTB but after installing FakeSMC it nolonger worked. Installing the driver through MultiBeast got it working again.[/*:m:fqnoc503]
  • I installed MultiBeast items one by one between reboots to test my system. The image below is a summary of everything I installed.[/*:m:fqnoc503]

Video and Graphics
Working properly with no modifications besides whatever is in the motherboard specific DSDT. The NEC 27 inch monitor is running from from the Display Port and hardware calibration works properly. Switching the display and keyboard/mouse between computers with the built-in automatic USB hub. The other monitor is using the top DVI port and also works properly. I could only get the lower DVI port working by disabling the other ports. See the graphics card database on this site's wiki.

Later I installed the Beta version of the 889_AppleHD.kext. This got rid of the popping sound on boot. My System Preferences now show the audio in/outputs in Japanese (which is the language I use, before they were only in English).

I left most things default. The only thing I changed was the Turbo is up to 43 and RAM is at 1600. Voltages are all on "Auto." I played around a little bit but this was the fastest perfectly stable setup without getting too hot.

Here are my Multibeast install Options.

This is Cinebench when I had it Turbo set to 45. I changed it lower because I want to save power and not worry about heat over the long run. (8.41 is the CPU score I get with Turbo at 43)

Thanks for all the help on these forums.
Apr 14, 2012
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Nice config. :headbang:
I have same :cool:

I have try to use (10.7.3 on USBflash unibeast) and your multibeast settings with new version of MultiBdast
But have some problems with low(silent sound from line output) and any crash (when i listen flash music in browser (safari).

Can you give me your DSDT, maybe it will work ?
Maybe it`s a 10.7.3 specific problems ?
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