Confirmed Audio Interfaces (Hobbyist/Pro-sumer/Pro) & Drivers - Mac OS X


I'm using a TC studio Konnekt 48 without any problem on Mavericks 10.9.2

- Asus P8Z77-V
- I5 3570K
-HIS 7750 iSilence 5
- Intel 520 SSD 180 (OSX)
- Intel 520 SSD 120 (W7)
- Samsung 840Evo 500 (samples)
-WDC WD1002FAEX 1T (Audio)
- WD Mybook FW800 (Time machine) on Sonnet Allegro FW card PCIe
- Plextor Sata DVD drives
- Antec P182
- TC K48 on Belkin FW400 PCIe
- UAD-2 Duo PCIe
- 27 "+24" IIYAMA (dual DVI+ HDMI) on 7750
- Several USB3 ext HDD's for backup
- Cubase 7.5

that's about it :)

I' ve got a Roland VS-100 USB 2.0 Audio interface/controller working fine with OSX 10.9.2/ Logic Pro X (10.0.0), also the Control Surface Plug-in for Logic/Garageband is working without problems in Logic, haven't tested Garageband.

i5 3570K
HD 4000 Graphics
12 GB Ram

Apogee Symphony I/O via USB, Disable Usb 3.0 Support From Bios, Eleminates Sync Issuse But Retains USB 3.0 support in OSX, Works Well On Usb 2 on Mavericks.
Tested an Apollo Twin and everything appears to be working fine.
My M-Audio Profire 610 works fine with my build, I only had to add a firewire pci card. ( same cheap card that was installed into my Windows 7 PC )

My hackintosh :

Intel i7 3770
Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H
16 go RAM
HD 4000 Graphics
Sandisk SSD
WD Caviar Green HDD
+1 Apollo Twin on TH working!

My mobo is a GA Z77MAX-D3H-TH v1.1, just follow all directions here on the forum about to get Thunderbolt working
I am about to buy an UAD2-SOLO with a bunch of other plug ins at a very good price, but I don't find any infos of it running on a Hackintosh.

Do you guys think it will run as good as it run on an actual mac?

Thank you

Yes I've had a system set up with a UAD Octo, Quad, and an Apollo Quad Thunderbolt running dead stable.

The current system in my secondary studio has a UAD-2 Quad and Thunderbolt Apollo Quad running stable both OS X and Windows.