CNVi BIOS Unlock (By-Pass) For Third WIFI/BT Combo cards

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Aug 9, 2012
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First of all, sorry for my English (I speak Spanish)

I'm going to open this thread to find a solution that allows to use the CNVi slots present in our motherboards z390, according to Intel domumentacion, the slot can be used as CNVi or as a normal M.2 slot (which would allow cards to work as DW1530, DW1820A, Others).
This must be done from the BIOS in switch mode that allows to choose the mode of use of that slot (CNVi or M.2).

Some Gigabyte Motherboards have it in their BIOS (It seems that some Asus as well), this leads me to think that this option is hidden in our current bios today.

The z370 motherboards allow using these slots as M.2 and recognize the current WIFI/BT combos cards.

We can enable this option or modify the values to use it as M.2. by disable CNVi.

Currently my AMIBCP version can not recognize my BIOS correctly, I need a more updated version 5.11.xxxx or later. (You can not find a more recent one on the internet).

Another option is to use tools like UEFITool to change these values and then flash our BIOS.

welcome you who want to join this research, I am not very expert in BIOS mods, can other members of the community with more experience to offer their help, or an expert in BIOS Mods to make your contribution.

I enclose a capture of the extract where CNVi appears in my BIOS.


As you can see there is a reference to CNVi that by default is TRUE (activated), maybe this is the value that we must change to disable CNVi.
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