Clover NVRAM Boot Arguments Persist

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Nov 29, 2011
Gigabyte H370M-D3H-Clover
RX 570, 1920x1080
Mobile Phone
  1. iOS
I created a USB install disk for Opencore 0.6.4. Attempted to boot from the USB and it failed. I removed the USB disk, rebooted and now I have a "-v keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 alcid=1" in the boot arguments for my clover bootloader. I go into the Clover Configurator, check the NVRAM and those arguments are listed in Kernel Boot Arguments. I delete it from there. Reboot, the arguments still persist. Reboot, select F11 at the clover screen, select system disk and the arguments still persist. Those arguments are not part of EFI/Clover/config.plst.

Any advice?

system boots up fine, but I don't like seeing the verbose start up.
Reboot, select F11 at the clover screen, select system disk and the arguments still persist.
You are pressing F1 at the clover screen --> and then F11 to clear NVRAM... correct?
In Clover, you need to press F1 to get to the menu and then F11 is the selection to reset NVRAM on that menu.

Consequently, I have successfully, if unintentionally, duplicated your problem. One disk had Clover on it from a previous install. I erased the main volume (an NVME SSD) to install OC. NVRAM settings from OC were persistent when I tried to boot into the old (Clover) installation. Clearing NVRAM did not work. Now, somehow, I cannot access the old (known good) system drive.
The only way I could clear NVRAM was to reload a fresh firmware to the mainboard.... and disconnect the Clover drive so that the system would never access it again. But, for some reason, I cannot restore access to the other system.

I've got a heckuva mess going on right now with that build. So, I'm now feelin' for ya in a big way! I'll post back if I find the solution.
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