Clover is not installing Mac IOS | Just restarts

Jan 6, 2020
Hello, this is my first time trying to boot a hackintosh I am following these two guides for how to install clover and Mojave into a USB and install Mac into a intel nuc.
Model: Intel nuc 8i3BEK:
Ram: 8GB x 1 2400MHz
SSD: 240GB WD Green M.2 SSD

The problem I having is that I can boot into the usb I see that I can install Mac OS I try to install it and the computer just restarts then I tried to boot with verbose and I get this output and the computer restarts.

I am not sure if this is a big step, but in the guide it said to enable this setting:
Security->Security Features, "Execute Disable Bit" is enabled.
But I couldn't find it, any help would be greatly appreicated.