Clover gets "Unsupported Input Source" before booting into MacOS/Windows 10

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Aug 25, 2018
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Hi there,

I've just got myself a new monitor that was on sale. It's the Acer Nitro VGO series VG240Y using HDMI connection from my RX580. I wanted to do a 2 monitor set up for both Windows and MacOS. My first monitor is a Asus VS248.

I have a problem with my new Acer VG240Y. I set it up and turn on my computer and nothing. It just said "Unsupported Input Source" (or something similar). I restarted my computer with my original Asus VS248 and it works fine as it always has.

  1. So after booting into both MacOS and Windows with my old monitor, I tested my new monitor by switching them out and it's works fine in both.
  2. I restarted again with the new monitor and wait a while, I could remember where my boot options were in clover and so booted MacOS. Booted just fine, although only the end of the MacOS loading bar screen came on then the log in screen appeared. Usually it will have the MacOS loading bar from start, flicker off for a second then come back filling up to the end.
  3. I booted into MacOs with both monitors, they both work fine and boot as above in 2.
It seems to be Clover just doesn't like my new monitor as both MacOS and Windows work fine. It's rather annoying issue as I have a dual boot system and require the Clover Menu screen.

I had a thought that it's possible the AMD Freesync is playing a role in this issue and my old monitor doesn't have this. But I'll need to do more research.

Any thoughts or links would be much appreciated.
Thanks for reading, have a good day.

I thought I should mention that I don't even get my Motherboard's icon or BIOS Menu on boot. But I checked my motherboard's BIOS settings (with my other Asus monitor) and it seems to still be the Acer Montior for whatever reason. I'm still searching but thought I should mention.

Could I do a CMOS reset? Or would this affect my MacOS/Windows 10 boots?
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