Feb 10, 2018
Gigabyte z370 aurus gaming 5
intel i7-8700k
Zotac Gtx 1060 - 6gb
MacBook Pro
Mobile Phone
Hey guys, what's up?
Specs: i78700k, aorus gaming 5 z370, gtx 1060 6gb, ssd samsung evo 850 evo 250gb, OS high sierra 10.13.3

So i had a bit of trouble recently with my hackintosh... I was trying to install windows 10 on another drive on the machine and by error i took out the windows bootable usb too late while resetting the system (installation did not work for some reason...) and doing so i got a blue screen and when i reset the machine i was unable to boot again without a Usb with the "install mac os high sierra" file.
I booted via usb, used multibeast to recreate my bootloader and i was (almost) fine. I had some graphical glitches and my gpu was not detected at all. So i updated clover, opened clover configurator and tried to fix my machine.
Everything looked fine to me (FOOL!).
I restarted: the bootloader screen was totally different and booting from any entry wouldn't give any result, restarted, press F12, choose the usb partition as boot device, got my dear old boot loader but it wouldn't work.
Did a few attempts with the various boot entries, i basically reinstalled the os twice and then (opening the bootloader via usb) booting from my macintosh HD i went trough the mac config as if it was a new machine and i had my machine back still with the aforementioned glitches and unable to boot without the usb (it still takes a few attempts to boot, but no new installations are prompted)
I copied all my important files on an external hdd and got back to clover configurator and when i try to open my Efi partition's config.plist i get this error:

i get this when i click repair

anybody has any Idea about what's going on and knows how to get it back to normal? I personally don't know what to do... i thought about reinstalling the Os but as of know this is the only machine i have so screwing up something with Unibeast or something would put me in a lot if troubles (last time it took me three days to get the machine working ahaha)