circle with line through it after nvidia web driver install and enable

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Feb 23, 2012
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So I purchased a GTX 980 and before I installed it, I installed the NVidia web drivers and set it to enable them. I rebooted, and it was still using the OSX drivers. so I followed the directions on the thread here... reinstalled clover and set the RC scripts to run on the volume.

after that, I set the NVidia drivers to load, and I rebooted to test with my GTX 570. IMMEDIATELY after I press enter at the clover bootloader screen, I get a circle with a line through it instead of an apple loading screen. I tried to boot verbose, and it freezes at the options menu right after I press enter to check the option. so I cannot see why its hanging.

I'm essentially screwed here, it wont boot with the 570, the 980, or even the on board intel HD. I tried hooking the hard drive up to my G4 iMac via usb adapter, but it wont mount the partition. I cannot view the EFI partition in windows, only the actual data partition.
Not open for further replies.