Choosing What displayPort will output audio

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Jul 16, 2015
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with the help of the great people on here i was able to get the sound working with my Gtx1080 via an active DisplayPort adapter on Sierra 12.6

The way it was running was as follows:
Pc>DP adapter to hdmi>Receiver(HT-R393,rated 4k 60hz)> Hdmi to tv

Now i just bought a dell ultra wide (u3415w). i realized that probably the hdmi cables i was using where too old ( hdmi 1.0) because i can output at the native resolution but only at 50Hz while using the setup mentioned above.

So i bought a displayport cable to plug into the display and kept the Hdmi with the adapter plugged into the receiver to keep the sound.

While in the audio Midi setup, i can see that the system recognizes the 2 displayPort output.

the problem is now that the system automatically switches to send the sound to the display and not to the receiver. I can't find a way to have the song go one output and the video trough an other one.

Would anybody have clue on where to go from here ? would there be a way to have the sound go from the display to the receiver (pc>display>receiver)? can i enable Hdmi audio from the onboard gpu and go from there?

thanks !

the adapter im using

the dp cable i bought

the receiver's manual

Dell's monitor

Cables i might buy instead of the DiplayPort
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