Chimera doesn't recognize my Windows 8 partition

Oct 17, 2013
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Intel Core i7 3630QM @ 2400 MHz (max : 3400)
NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 630M 2GB with Optimus + Intel® HD Graphics 4000
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Hello Mr. RehabMan,

my hackintosh was working very fine (drivers, power management, disabled vga, etc...) with your help sure since 1 year,
but my problem was that i installed it on an faulty hard disk that its giving S.M.A.R.T failure and have no other one,

now i bought 1TB HDD and decided to move clone the disks (i don't want to install everything again)

first i make the new drive 3 equal partitions (1:HFS+, 2: Dos, 3:HFS+ )and decided to make duel boot with windows 10,

so what i did is that 1st i installed win 10 first on the 2nd partition (formatted it as NTFS while installing)
and then after it worked, i booted from the old HDD and cloned it using Carbon Copy Cloner to the 1st partition in the new drive that was connected by usb

and then installed chimera using MultiBeast (same version used before) on the 1st partition of my new HDD and copied Extra folder so that OSx now running fine ....

I cant boot into windows anymore was only seeing the Mac Partition to boot from in chimera,
Plus after copied my old settings (extra folder) now its automatically booting into mac without giving me time to select (i forget how i made this before and how to change it back to stop at chimera boot screen)

So any help will be appreciated, i want to be able to boot into windows too.
Thanks For Your Usual Support