Chimera BIOS problem

May 31, 2014
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
I am using an Asus TP500LA. I have successfully installed Yosemite on it. For the longest time, I was not able to get Chimera to work without the Unibeast flash drive. Eventually, I got fed up with it all and decided to install Windows instead, so I inserted my Windows install USB and booted up the computer. However, I got distracted with something and forgot to "Press any key to boot from USB..." Then I realized that, instead of going straight to BIOS as it always had before, it went into Chimera (keep in mind that the Unibeast flash drive was not inserted, just the Windows one). But then I removed the flash drive and tried booting the computer again, to find that it defaulted to BIOS as usually. This made me realize that although Chimera is installed, I can for some reason only access it with some bootable flash drive in (not necessarily Unibeast). Is there any way to fix this so it defaults to Chimera no matter what?