Chimera and broken hard drives / file structures

Nov 13, 2011
Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3
AMD HD6870
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
Hey everyone!

Recently my cousin showed up with a macbook pro showing nothing but the flashing question mark folder at boot. I concluded that her hard drive was broken and decided to take it out of the macbook and put it in my hackintosh to try and rescue as much of the data as I could. Using ddrescue (gui version for mac), I read as much of the data as possible and copied it to a new hard drive. Since the file system was still broken (it said invalid b-tree node size in disk utility and couldn't be fixed by disk utility itself), I had to use Data Rescue 3 in order to restore as many files as possible.

The problem with all of that is that I had to use it as an external USB hard drive because chimera would deny booting when it couldn't read the restored partition on the new drive. This was much slower than installing the hard drive internally would've been, and if my cousin's drive hadn't worked for another 8 hours or so, I couldn't have rescued any of the data.

Now what I'm asking for is for chimera to ignore drives it cannot read and just use the ones it can (I still had all my other normal system drives in there). Of course this would be more of a quality of life improvement than a critical feature, but it would be great to have for data rescue situations like this one and even though I don't know much about how chimera is coded, I can't imagine it being a lot of work.