Can't get front audio jack or bluetooth audio to work

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Mar 18, 2018
Asus Vivobook X405
Intel I3-7100u
Intel HD 620
Hi everyone,

I have a motherboard with ALC887 (confirmed on the manufacturer's website), however, I cannot get the front audio jack to work. The back one works fine, but the cable isn't long enough. I've tried all the supported codecs from this list:

none of them made the front jack work.

I then tried USB mapping, which ive done successfully (I think) , but it still doesnt work.

I then said ok I'll use bluetooth, I have intel bluetooth drivers with an AX200 card, and have tested it by sending a image to my tablet which worked fine. However it doesnt like my bluetooth headphones (beats studio) . It connects, but the beats stay in pairing mode, and it even pops up in my audio device list sometimes, even shows the battery level, but if i select it, it cant connect to it, and the beats remain in pairing mode.

I'm using opencore, I've followed the dortania guide. WiFi on the same card works, but audio has been troublesome. The monitor speakers work, but I really need my headphones for editing / listening to music whilst working.

Any suggestions appreciated, I've spent hours on this small issue.

ASUS B450 M-K motherboard
Intel AX200 WiFi + Bluetooth
Realtek Ethernet
Realtek ALC887 audio
Ryzen 3600
Gigabyte GTX 1080
Running 10.13.6
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