Cannot update iPad and iPhone: Error 11

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May 7, 2014
asus z97-pro wifi / Clover
i7 4970k
intel 4600
  1. MacBook
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I wanted to update my new iPhone 7 to 10.1 via iTunes (iTunes, MacOSX 10.11.6). After iTunes had finished extracting the new firmware, iTunes told me that an unexpected error (11) occurred. My iPhone stayed on iOS 10.0.2.
I did all the tricks I could find in the internet (e.g. new cables, updating iTunes, disconnecting almost all usb devices, using VPN to pretend I'm in the USA). Nothing helped.

Even worse. My iPad Pro went into the restore mode. And my iTunes was not able to restore it. ****! I even have called the Apple support. Nothing helped.

Finally I went to my neighbor and used his macbook to restore my iPad and update my iPhone. So far so good!

I suspect that Apple has implemented some new server side checks that inhibit the iOS update on a Hackintosh.
Has anybody else experienced similar issues?
Hi there,

It is an old thread, but I have had the same issue lately on my new Hackintosh : my iPhone 8 could not be restored or updated (iTunes managed to put it in "recovery" state, but then could not "boot" it, resulting in a everlasting "waiting for iPhone" state). I tried the same thing with a iPhone SE and it worked perfectly.

Then I tried restoring the iPhone 8 on my MacBooi Pro and it went smooth, even if both machines were on Mojave 10.14.1 and iTunes 12.9.0 !

So I made some tests with other devices I managed to put my hands on : another SE, a 5s, a 7+ and an iPad 6 : the first two were updated without problems, the last 2 were not. So it seems that on my hackintosh, A10 and A11 devices cannot be updated/restored through iTunes, whereas it works for older devices...

Would someone be able to confirm this and maybe elaborate a theory ?
I always update my iPhone through the phone itself. It's safer than through iTunes I think.
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