Cannot boot Windows from Clover

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Jul 6, 2015
Asrock Z97 Extreme 3
GTX 970
I am dual-booting Sierra and Windows 8.1 on a 256GB SSD.

In the SSD, there are 4 partitions:
  1. EFI (installed Clover)
  2. Sierra
  3. Apple Recovery
  4. Windows
I can only boot into Windows if I boot the SSD from the boot menu directly, which is quite strange, I thought booting the SSD means booting into the SSD's EFI partition, but it boots into the 4th partition instead.

These are my installation steps:
  1. Boot into the Hackintosh installation USB in UEFI mode
  2. Set up partitions in Disk Utility, 80GB for Windows then the rest for Sierra
  3. Install Sierra
  4. Boot into Windows installation DVD to install Windows 8.1
  5. Boot into Sierra with the Hackintosh installation USB
  6. Run MultiBeast and install Clover
  7. Found that booting the SSD would not boot into Clover
  8. Go to UEFI Shell to add Clover to the boot menu (I can now boot into Clover directly without using the USB)
  9. Successfully boot into Sierra from Clover
Clover shows Sierra, Apple Recovery partition and all other NTFS drives.
I tried to select the Windows drive in Clover, but no luck, the screen showed the Windows logo then nothing happened.
There is no folder "Microsoft" in the EFI partition.

My questions are:
  1. How can I make the Windows partition bootable in Clover?
  2. Why would the system boot into Windows directly when booting the SSD?
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