Cannot Boot After Accidental BIOS Update

May 9, 2017
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Hello, huge fan first time participant here.

I recently ran into a bit of a problem with my build and I am hoping I can get some advise. I accidentally upgraded my Gigabyte BIOS through my Windows 10 partition from F2 to F22 and now my High Sierra hack doesn't boot. To make things worst, I downgraded with Qflash to F20 BIOS and now my BIOS does not read the hacks macOS boot, only the Windows boot in BIOS.

Now, I still have the original USB installer for High Sierra that is being seen by my BIOS but I have the same problem original problem. I redid by BIOS settings according to the guide provided on this website again.The most either(installer or High Sierra partition) boots is to a full loaded Apple bar with a spinning circle that starts to ghost after some time. In -V mode the correlation I see is possibly something with the ACPICPU stall.

I did remove my SSD and option booted on my MacBook Pro as well to verify the partition is bootable and to uninstall CUDA and NVIDIA drivers just in case. I upgraded to the latest r4411 Clover Boot Mode as well.

I am bit bummed out because that install was PERFECT. This is now my third install and the most problematic for me and CANNOT understand what went wrong. iMessage, iTunes, App Store, and graphics worked flawlessly with APFS but I am not opposed to reinstalling macOS if needed. I've been reading some threads but I can't seem to find anyone having the same problem I am. I am hoping this is just something incredibly stupid I am missing. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.