Can I get ACHI drivers to load during SL installation?

Mar 28, 2012
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
The Motherboard I have, EVGA H55, only has a way to setup ACHI in the BIOS if I have drivers (as per the wimpy "Help" in the BIOS) & of course they don't HAVE any drivers on their site. If they DID have them, I'm sure they'd be Windoze drivers anyway.

When I try to install SL with ACHI turned on, I'm able to boot with the iBoot disc, then load the SL DVD, but after about a minute I get a 'NOT' error (the little circle with a line through it) & the installation hangs there for ever. If I try to do the installation with ACHI not set, SL can't see my hard drive when it gets to the Disc Utility.

Is there ANY way to get a driver to load ACHI or is there a setting in iBoot or anywhere that will do it?