Can having a GTX 1060 in a PCIe x4 slot cause graphical glitches/system instability?

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Sep 25, 2017
AS Rock X99 Extreme 4/3.1
Intel i7 6850K
I've got my first Hackintosh running, and for the most part, it was pretty painless. I'm running 10.12.6 with the latest web drivers. I followed the guides here and here. Everything appears to be working, except that I have issues with my build getting bogged down at random times, and sometimes it gives out completely. I can play games on Ultra settings all day, but then the simplest things will cause me trouble. I'd be engaging in light browsing or something like that, and then things just get slow, stuttered, and sometimes glitchy (finder not showing the side panes or buttons, etc). Sometimes if I let the computer sit idle for too long, it has to "wake up" again and for 10-15 seconds, everything lags like crazy. One time I was too quick to start using it, and after going to type an address into Safari, the whole thing freezes (though I was still able to move the mouse). Another time, I was browsing through my saved photos via Quick Look, and I guess I got to a photo that it didn't like, and I see a black rectangle where the picture should be, and then the screen goes black. I checked the same set of photos later, and it caused no such issue.

I ran LuxMark stress tests, and one of the scenes starts to give me the same symptoms I am randomly suffering from.

I have the 1060 plugged into a PCIe x4 slot right now, because when I was doing the build I was afraid of the heatsink making contact with the card (I'm using a Noctua DH-15, or something like that, so it's huge). The instructions for my motherboard were not clear on the bandwidth of this port in single card usage, so I didn't find out about my mistake until I had everything assembled and working. I will be moving the card to the proper PCIe x16 slot soon, but I'm waiting on some cable extensions and ties before I open it up again (might as well only open it once, you know?).

So, my question is, can the bandwidth bottleneck between a x4 slot and a x16 slot cause these issues that I'm seeing, or are nvidia's web drivers really that terrible? I'm starting to regret not going for RX Vega, but I couldn't afford it at the time. It should be noted that I've already run memtest, and my RAM checks out just fine. This seems to be a graphics issue.

EDIT: I just had it happen again when switching tabs in Safari. I went back to a previous tab and everything where the page is supposed to be displayed was just black, and the whole rig lagged like crazy. Close the tab (if I can manage to do it), and everything is fine again.


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