Can hackintosh brick your motherboard?

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Jul 9, 2019
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I think it's trying.

When tried to boot into the fully functional installation of High sierra 10.13.6. my mother board has these problems instead of post screen or splash screen, the ultimate force, is frozen. I can only change dpi on mouse button at this point. Nothing I do can make it go past that screen, no bios no boot into other os. It's like the new osx install has bricked the motherboard.

I have to:
  1. Disconnect the ssd with high Sierra on it,
  2. Clear RTC RAM on motherboard.
  3. boot into bios and set everything up as its been reset, including enable hot plug,
  4. boot into bios again and hotplug ssd with high Sierra,
  5. then boot into usb high Sierra installer,
  6. from clover on usb I can then boot macOS on my ssd.

  • If I plug the ssd in at any other point in time it freezes at post.

  • If I reboot from high Sierra after all that then post is frozen again.

I want to try to unplug ssd after shutdown and go from step 4 to see if that works.

Also to try to fix it I copied efi from usbinstaller over to macOS efi, no change.

Pretty sure that was what was messing with my motherboard. I could be wrong as I don't really know what that stuff does but I found those files in efi/Apple/Updaters/Multiupdater/ . It looks like the Mac-27ADBB7B4CEE8E61.epm file name matches 27ADBB7B4CEE8E61 in smbios board-id.
not sure any of that had anything todo with it or not. I reinstalled on another ssd, for sure not failing, and after final setup, after kext and nvidiawebdrivers, I reboot and oops splash screen stuck, won't post, can't reach bios.

Don't everyone jump in at once to help me, let me breath!
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